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  • Angler (Blue)

  • Angler (Red)

  • Angler (Black)

  • Built To Last

  • Designed By Fisherman

  • Quality Materials

Looking for a versatile yet affordable fishing boat, Larry Averett drew on his 25+ years of experience navigating local rivers such as the Umpqua Rogue Coquille and other local rivers as a fishing guide when developing his design. Umpqua Marine Boats are crafted using the best Marine Grade Aluminum available wherever possible, resulting in a vessel that provides the quality and durability that you want and need. This boat will take you to the rivers, ocean, bays and lakes where you will navigate with confidence and look good while doing so; with your custom built and custom painted craft. Check out the variety of designs we offer: The Elite series, Angler series and Drifter series. Find the one that is the right fit for your fishing needs, customized to your specifications.